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This course covers extensively the programming and object-oriented techniques of .NET framework. It introduces students to the fundamentals of the .NET technology and syntax, major class libraries and prepares them to begin development of business applications. It is interspersed with step-by-step exercises illustrating the concepts as they are explained.

This course has been designed to meet the requirements of the software industry and helps the programmers who interested in learning how to develop .Net technology applications and the professionals interested in entering a career in application development or a software project management using .Net technology.

Live project is the phase when you finally implement most of the things that you have learnt during your software training. Software development is more than just coding. Before you write even a single line of code, it requires careful analysis of the requirements, gathering information, preparing the necessary documentation which requires understanding the live project using Software Development Life Cycle. So you have to learn tricks to produce bulk output on time maintaining the right design quality or coding standard. That is the significance of Live Project Training. We assure that our Live Project Training will impart the confidence in students to work on real time projects.